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Pads For Boxers

Megan P.

Menstruation has no gender, so why should period underwear be exclusive to women?

Well, many innovative and inspiring companies have originated comfortable period underwear styles designed for transgender and masculine-presenting people to make sure that menstrual underwear works for everyone.

The days of relying on disposable period products like pads and tampons are over. Enter: comfortable period underwear with all the convenience of your everyday underwear plus a built-in pad to simplify all your monthly period flow complications.

Panty liners and traditional pads are specifically designed to fit women's underwear, but ciswomen are not the only ones burdened by the regular menstrual flow. The demand for period underwear and period-friendly boxer brief options for trans people has increased significantly over recent years, and finally, absorbent underwear has made its appearance.

After extensive research and testing, many companies have incentivized the best period underwear anyone could hope for. Depending on the underwear brand, most period underwear provides a convenient alternative to disposable period products. Most disposable pads one would wear with regular underwear aren't very durable and will need replacing within a couple of hours. Not to mention not being inclusive to those who don't like wearing feminine underwear. This is also true for tampons, as individuals who regularly experience a heavy flow could go through up to two tampons hourly.

How is this practical? Most pads, tampons, and other traditional menstrual products contribute to the anxiety we naturally have to deal with during our periods. Not to mention the various harmful substances that have been found in regular tampons of different brands.

Customers have raised their voices and demanded period underwear, safe for anyone and everyone to wear up to the very last day of blood-works.

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The Research On Period Underwear

Who Is Period Underwear For?

Despite period underwear holding much more than a tampon's worth of blood, it may feel strange bleeding freely at first.

In the beginning, many prefer to use period underwear as a fail-safe in addition to disposable period products such as menstrual cups or disposable pads and tampons. However, wearing a pair of period panties or boxer briefs in anticipation of your period will put your mind at ease that no devastating accidents will ruin your day.

Period underwear is without a doubt a much more comfortable option than walking around wearing pads and tampons "just in case."

If you, like so many, truly dislike traditional period products, period underwear may be perfect for you. It is worth considering that one pair of period underwear typically costs around $10 to $50, making it a more expensive option (short-term).

You will also be required to machine wash or hand-wash your period underwear with cool water very frequently, preferably every day of your period.

Although period underwear is generally extremely absorbent, testers found that it is not adequate for urinary incontinence. This is because urine flows in much higher volumes than menstrual blood, and even a quality pair of period underwear won't be able to handle a leaky bladder.

Is Period Underwear Safe?

The short answer is yes. In terms of skin health, period underwear is definitely a safe option as many brands typically use organic cotton in their designs.

Any material designed to stain-, water-, or wrinkle-resistant will contain perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. However, concerns about the harmful effects of PFAS are greatly overblown.

In truth, these chemicals can be found in almost everything we consume, from water to toothpaste.

Experts examining the chemical involved in the manufacture of period underwear reported finding higher levels of PFAS in our food wrappers. Therefore, we should not be overly concerned about something we only come into contact with once a month when we realistically ingest them daily.

Yoga pants are worn daily by women all over the world. If we investigated the chemicals involved in their fabrication in as much depth as with period underwear, chemicals absorbed dermally would surely make headlines.

In conclusion, it is unfair to scrutinize period underwear when everything and anything we use will inevitably contain some substances that many consider harmful when it is, in reality, nothing to worry about.

Homosexual History

5 Best Period Underwear Options

(1) Aisle Boxer Briefs

The Aisle Boxer Briefs are so comfortable that many customers confessed to wearing them even when they aren't on their periods. These boxers are known to be very absorbent, and not one tester reported leaking through them at any point.

These boxers are designed to look exactly like regular underwear with a stretchy elastic, perfect for any waist size. Your purchase includes a reusable liner with high absorbency that can be tucked into the gusset on those particular heavy flow days.

Regardless of whether you use the liner or not, these boxers provide full coverage, extending from the thighs to the lower back.

The Aisle Boxer Briefs are quite expensive, pricing at $46 a pair. However, this cost is justified by the fact that these boxer briefs can withstand many a tumble dry. It has been reported that even if they lose their color after 30+ washes, they never diminish in quality and performance.


The only reported shortcoming of these boxer briefs is that they can feel heavy and soggy after long wear, especially if worn overnight. Yet, they never leak. The reusable liner comes at an additional cost of $5 and is easy to lose. Some testers and users have reported the liner moving around and being difficult to insert correctly.

Care Instructions

Firstly, rinse boxers with cold water, then machine wash cold. They can be machine dried.

(2) Bambody High Waist Period Panties

Homosexual History

These panties are not intended for long-term use but are still a highly effective and very comfortable period underwear option.

The Bambody Period Panties have proven to be tremendously absorbent and one of the most comfortable pairs of period underwear on the market.

A pair features bamboo fabric infused with spandex, making it extremely stretchy and suitable for those bloated days we all know too well. These panties basically feel like a thicker pair of regular underwear.


The gusset seems to puff up a bit when it gets full, which leads to a bit of a soggy feeling, but no more so than any other equivalent period underwear options. This particular panty shows its wear more readily than others, and discoloration is prevalent. For the price, this should be expected.

The organic cotton liner does not reach all the way to the front of the waistband. This may be a problem for those who sleep on their stomach and tend to bleed heavily throughout the night. For the "poolers" out there who generally have trouble with menstrual fluid overwhelming a pad at the front of a pair of underwear, there may be better options than Bamboday High Waist Period Panties.

Care Instructions

Firstly rinse, then machine wash your panties in hot water and hang to dry.

(3) Modibodi Sensual 24-Hour Hi-Waist Bikini

This period underwear design truly lives up to its name in being leak-free for up to 24 hours. Not only is it practical, but it's also sensual and aesthetic to behold.

The Sensual 24-Hour Hi-Waist Bikini is undoubtedly one of the best period underwear options out there, consisting of a thick and large lining area and made of merino wool, which is its distinguishing factor.

The immense size of the lining might seem off-putting at first, but it compensates for this issue with its renowned functionality. It is not the type of period underwear that should be worn under a pair of tights, but it should be your first choice if you can't afford leakage.

This underwear brand succeeded in designing period underwear with full coverage to be worn by absolutely anyone, regardless of gender.


Most vegan customers would be reluctant to purchase products from this range as animal products are included in their manufacture. This brand does not offer any vegan clothing and underwear options.

Care Instructions

Rinse before machine wash, cold, and without fabric softeners. Hang out to dry.

(4) Pyramid Seven Boxer Brief

This company strives to create period underwear that is suitable and comfortable for everyone, regardless of gender.

Their premium boxer brief design aims to alleviate the discomfort many trans men experience when they have to wear feminine underwear for the duration of their periods. Their styles are inclusive to all body types and range from sizes XXS to x large.

Folks who typically prefer wearing a boxer brief are finally accommodated and considered. This brand has received much praise because of its comfortable style and inclusion of polyurethane and beechwood fiber materials.

A pair of Pyramid Seven undergarments will ease the search of trans men for a style that compliments their body and flow.


This brand ensures full coverage, but the style does not offer women the possibility of wearing pads, as pads aren't compatible with the design. However, other feminine hygiene products like tampons and menstrual cups can still be used.

(5) Thinx Boyshort

This cozy design provides extra length and maximum coverage, keeping you safe on the heaviest days. Thinx is known to be one of the best period brands out there, and their Boyshort style lives up to their reputation.

Created specifically for trans men and those who present a masculine gender, these shorts have the capacity of three tampons. They are fabricated out of 95% organic cotton 100% recycled polyester.

This boxer brief is available in sizes XXS, sizes xs, all the way up to 4xl, making it a perfect option for any body type and shape.

This brand offers free returns, although reviews suggest that you would never want to get rid of your pair.

Care instructions

You can machine wash them on cold without softener or bleach. It is also important never to iron them.

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