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Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Thailand: What You Need To Know

Danielle O.

Plastic surgery or aesthetic surgery is an optional procedure that a patient may want to undergo to change their appearance. Typical cosmetic surgery prices in Western countries could take away a significant chunk of your savings. However, this is not the case in Thailand.

In Thailand, many medical facilities offer affordable plastic surgery options and plastic surgery packages. This makes the country a place of choice for people who want to consult with plastic surgeons to change their appearance.

Cosmetic Surgery In Thailand: How Good Is It?

The medical tourism industry is thriving in Thailand. One of the prime reasons is that many hospitals and healthcare units have received certification from the Joint Commission International. This means these medical facilities observe standard treatment options followed by over 90 countries worldwide.

Plastic surgeons and reconstructive surgeons in Thailand are also enriched with decades of experience. Most have also attained training from major countries.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Before you say yes to getting a cosmetic procedure done in Thailand, it is best to research all about hospitals and the cosmetic surgery options they offer.

Here at Transgender Thailand, our partner hospitals offer the best cosmetic surgery options for patients who want to undergo aesthetic surgeries that help them live by their self-identified gender.  

We are here to make your transition easier. While we do act as a liaison between patients and reconstructive surgeons, we do not charge for our services. We are paid by the hospital to give everyone the information they need to get the best healthcare possible.

We make sure that our procedures and high-quality care are accessible to both local and international clients at an affordable price.

Additionally, our patients are given full control over their procedures. This means they can choose among many doctors until they find the right doctor for them. We will support patients through the process and help them navigate through the different decisions they would likely need to make.

Cosmetic Procedures

Transgender Thailand’s partner hospitals offer a full suite of services with highly skilled surgeons. Our cosmetic procedures include:

Sex Reassignment Surgical Procedures

Transgender Thailand also provides access to transgender health care that features state-of-the-art facilities equipped with modern technological advancements at a more affordable price. These plastic surgery procedures include:

View our patient success stories here.

Healthcare Costs In Thailand

The cost of getting cosmetic surgery in Thailand may vary depending on the procedure and the complexity of the case. With that being said, we will discuss with you the potential medication costs following your initial consultation.

In general, paying a lump sum for aesthetic surgeries is not always possible and feasible here in Thailand. For this reason, we offer easier alternatives that are economically better for the patient.

One of the most popular ways is through your medical insurance. If the cosmetic procedures are listed in your insurance policy, we will work with your insurance provider to settle all finances accordingly.

Patients can also choose to pay for plastic surgery procedures through Medical Credit Cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Transgender Thailand offer dental and vision treatments?

As of the moment, we do not offer dental and vision treatments.

Are there any travel restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

We follow the travel advisory from the Thai government. You can view the latest guidance on the government’s website.

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