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Tips On Makeup For Transgender People

Megan P.

Any modern makeup artist would agree that the beauty industry has finally become inclusive to the transgender community. Trans women have waited for this moment for many decades, and at long last, there are guides and makeup tips to help them look and be their absolute best.

It might be an overwhelming venture for transgender women to dive into the evolving world of makeup and all the dos and don’ts it entails. Not to worry, we will provide you with all the essential tips you need to get started. From eye makeup to contouring, you will soon be the stewardess of transgender beauty.

Makeup can benefit you in so many ways, especially if you chose not to undergo facial feminization. With all the innovations in the makeup industry, countless transgender women are able to create a face that reflects their inner beauty and identity.

Makeup For Transgender

Must-have Items In Your Makeup Bag



Applying a primer is an amazing way to hide those nosy lines and pores. It blemishes your skin and leaves it looking smoother and softer before you even start applying foundation. Primer also aids in keeping your makeup in place throughout the day and keeps it from “melting” a couple of hours in.


Choosing the right corrector will depend entirely on your skin tone. A good rule is to pick the color directly opposite the shade you wish to cover to achieve natural color correction. As a transgender woman, you may still notice some blue undertones caused by facial hair roots. A brighter corrector with orange undertones could do wonders to color correct an irksome beard shadow.

Of course, it depends on your goals and the look you’re trying to accomplish, but if facial hair growth is causing you any gender dysphoria, laser hair removal could be a great way to counteract it.

When buying a color corrector, keep in mind that you will be applying even more layers to it. It would be wise to choose a formula that isn’t too thick or sticky and will make you feel plastered.

Makeup For Transgender


The type you buy should once again depend on your skin type when it comes to foundation. Many trans women have reported full-coverage good foundation helping them cover up their larger pores. Be sure to thoroughly test the shade before committing to a foundation. There really is nothing worse than a woman whose face does not match the rest of her body color-wise.

If you have oilier skin, go with a water-based cream foundation as not to worsen the amount of oil produced during the day. In contrast, dry skin will do well with an oil-based foundation, ensuring a smooth and hydrated finish.


A concealer does just that; it conceals. Choose a concealer about one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. You can use your concealer to add coverage to both a pesky pimple as well as highlight the center of your face and even out dark circles under your eyes.

Concealer is a great way of priming your eyelids for eye shadow by laying down a solid and neutral foundation to work on later.


A contour one or two shades darker than your skin can help trans women create a slimmer face shape. You can choose between a cream or a powder contour, depending on the amount of oil your skin produces. Contouring can help accentuate the feminine parts of your bone structure by enhancing the cheekbones and making the hairline seem lower.

Makeup For Transgender


Use a fluffy brush to press a subtle layer of powder over your face and ears to ensure a uniform texture on all parts of your skin. The powder will absorb some of the residual oil on your skin and set your makeup, making it last longer before feeling all “melty.”


It is always safer to go for a lighter color blush as not to make your makeup too dramatic (unless that’s what you’re going for). A little pink blush on the apple of your cheeks will bring some color and life to your face, especially if you feel a bit pale after applying all the previous layers.

Setting spray

This step is too often overlooked when it actually contributes excellently to the longevity and freshness of your everyday makeup. A quality setting spray will keep your makeup in place and lasting longer, especially on those hot days or long nights where you don’t want to have to touch up too frequently.


Choose a quality shimmering highlighter to emphasize your beautiful cheekbones and slim your nose bridge. The power of a bit of shimmer should never be underestimated as it does wonders in brightening your look and shaping your face.


Brow pencil

Choose a pencil of a darker shade, but that won’t look unnatural. Instead, use it to shape your eyebrow by filling in those sparse areas, leaving you with full and defined eyebrows.



“Decorating” your eye area is the best way to express your individuality. The colors and shades you choose are entirely up to you, but it is always safer to start with light, more neutral colors. When purchasing your eyeshadow, look for a palette that includes lighter and darker shades.

Liquid Eyeliner

A liquid liner is a great way to emphasize your top eyelid with a clean and smooth line extending a bit past the corners of your eyes. In contrast, a pencil eyeliner works better to darken the outer corners of your lower lid.


We are all aware of how elegantly a quality mascara can create depth in your eyes. Mascara also makes the eye appear a bit larger and more well-defined.

Makeup For Transgender


Lip liner

Depending on the color lipstick you will use, purchase a lip liner that will define the outermost edges of your lips. This product is often overlooked but it undoubtedly contributes to a cleaner look by avoiding the smudged effect lipstick sometimes causes. A good tip is to go for a color that’s a shade lighter than your lipstick to really make your lips pop.


You may prefer a gloss to color your lips, but lipstick is definitely a more solid option to color and accentuate your lips with. Having a variety of shades will allow you to match your lips to any eye look you wish to pursue on a given day.

Makeup For Transgender

Makeup Tips For A Flawless Look

17 Steps To Achieve Perfection

  1. Firstly, apply a pea-size amount of primer to your beauty blender and push it into the skin all the way down to your neck for full coverage. It will fill in all the lines and create a smooth surface on which you can work.
  2. Apply a small amount of your color corrector to the areas where there may be some color distortion. For trans women, using a corrector with a red to orange undertone will blemish that beard shadow and larger pores.
  3. Press your foundation into your skin with either a brush or a beauty blender. Be sure to get all the corners of your face and blend your foundation into your neck and ears to create uniformity. Press- don’t wipe! Wiping won’t get the cream into all your pores and this will soon become evident as the day passes.
Makeup For Transgender

4. Apply your lighter concealer underneath your eyes, on your eye ridge, above your upper lip, and above your brow ridge. Not only does concealer blemish dark shades, like blue circles under your eyes, but it will also draw attention to the center of your face, creating depth and natural shadows.

5. Use your powder or cream contour to outline the structure of your face. Apply this dark shade at the top of your forehead to make the hairline appear lower. Follow the outer lines of your face by adding contour to the areas beside your ears and underneath your cheekbones. If you have a rounder face, you can create a sharper look by contouring your jawline. Be sure to blend your contour thoroughly to ensure all harsh lines are subtly incorporated into the rest of the shades for a natural look.

6. Use a fluffy brush to gently push your powder all over your skin. This will set your makeup, absorb oils, and provide an even complexion.

Makeup For Transgender

7. Using a fluffy brush, sweep your rosy blush from the apple of your cheeks outward to the edge of your face. One sweep is enough to add the right amount of color without overdoing it, but be sure to blend it properly so it doesn’t seem like an unnatural addition.

8. Sprits your entire face with a quality setting spray. You’ll be surprised how refreshing it could feel in addition to keeping your makeup firmly in place. Setting spray is like the hairspray of makeup. It keeps everything looking neat and clean even on hot days.

9. Use a thin, longer brush to highlight the upper corners of your cheeks at an angle toward the tip of your nose. This gives your face a sharper, more defined look. Apply a thin streak of highlighter across the bridge of your nose to make it appear thinner.

Makeup For Transgender

10. Using a brow pencil, outline the shape of your brows, creating a natural arch and smoothly shaping a thinning line toward the sides of your face. Be sure to fill in all the spaces where your eyebrow hair is thin or sparse, resulting in full and neat eyebrows.

11. Use a light brown shade to cover your entire eyelid for a natural look. Next, use a darker shade to brush over the crease of your eye, moving the brush outward as you do so. This creates depth and a bit of drama. If you are not so comfortable with eyeliner on your top lid yet, you can apply a line of dark eyeshadow directly above your lash line. Try to move from a dark to a light shade as you apply eyeshadow from the crease upward. If you want to use brighter colors, be sure to keep a neutral line between the color and your brows. For a smokey look, use dark grey to black shades and blend them to form a “V” on the outer edge of the eye.

Makeup For Transgender

12. Apply a thin layer of liquid eyeliner to your lash line that extends a bit past your outer eye. If you are feeling adventurous, you could attempt creating a “cat-eye,” which includes a sharp wing on the outside of your eyes.

13. Before lining the bottom of your eyes, wipe away any eyeshadow that may have fallen onto your cheeks with a wipe. Be sure not to disrupt your base layer in the process.

14. Use a pencil eyeliner to darken the outer edges of your lower eyelids. Extend the line inward, but don’t continue until the inner corners of your eyes. This will encircle your eyes, causing them to look small. To blend the liner into a more natural shade, use a light brown eyeshadow and a thin brush to gently blend the liner into your skin in a gradual manner to create a softer finish.

Makeup For Transgender

15. Finish off your eye look with quality mascara. Wiggle the wand side to side as you apply mascara to separate and elongate the hair adequately. Direct the mascara to the outer eyes as you move the wand up.

16. With a light lip liner, resulting in a plumb and pouted look. To make your lips look larger, line them a bit to outline your natural lip lines.

17. Apply your lipstick either directly from the tube or using a lipstick brush. Start at the center of your lips and move outwards. Extend the lipstick a bit lower than your natural lip line on your bottom lip for a fuller appearance.

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