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About Us

Transgender Thailand

Transgender Thailand has partnered with several hospitals with the aim of giving everyone safe and effective transgender and gender-nonconforming surgeries. Our partners offer a safe and welcoming environment for people hoping to complete their transition. 

Our partner hospitals also offer comprehensive transgender health services, including:

– Psychiatrist Gender Dysphoria evaluation 
– Routine primary care services for transgender patients 
– Direct patients to gender-related surgeons for an optimal hormonal therapy and other services
– Transgender reproductive options
– Surgical gender affirmation procedures

Transgender Thailand and our partner hospitals give patients access to a wide variety of gender transition surgeries, including male to female (MTF) and female to male (FTM) genital reconstruction and breast augmentation or reduction. 

After each gender transition procedure, our patients are granted continuity of care to ensure a smooth recovery. Patients must be 18-years-old to be allowed to undergo gender transition procedures. 

Individualized Care

Our staff members and surgeons offer each patient individualized support before, during, and after each procedure. This is because we understand the journey each person takes to achieve their personal goal. 

We ensure that each patient feels psychologically ready to undergo surgeries, as well as feel whole and gender-complete following each procedure. 

Schedule an appointment with one of our team members for assistance on your unique journey toward living your truth.

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