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Male to female bottom surgery results - MTF bottom surgery result healed - Gender reassignment surgery before and after

Gender reassignment surgery results pictures - Thailand Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

MTF reassignment surgery before and after photos

Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery

Scrotal Skin Graft / Colonvaginoplasty / SRS-PPV

Scrotal skin graft
In this technique, the penile skin is used to create the outer vagina, whilst the skin of the scrotum is used to create the vaginal canal.

Colonvaginoplasty using the Sigmoid colon.
This surgery is recommended for patients with limited penile and scrotum skin or patients who would like to have a self-lubricated vagina like women.
Colonvaginoplasty can be performed in two ways:Open technique and Laparoscopic technique

Penile-peritoneal vaginoplasty (SRS-PPV) technique
This technique is the most advanced and the latest innovation in neo-vaginoplasties for trans women. The peritoneum is cut and pulled through the neovaginal canal.

Male to Female Breast Surgery

Male to Female Breast Correction

Female to Male surgery

Mastectomy (Top Surgery)

Before and After Mastectomy (Top Surgery) U-Shape Scare technique and O-Shape Scare technique


Here are several example photos of female-to-male bottom surgery results. The results shown in the bottom surgery photos differ due to the variation of the individuals.

ALT-phalloplasty 1 year after surgery

Radial Forearm technique

Hysterectomy BSO

Total Hysterectomy

A total hysterectomy is performed with the aim of removing all of the patient's uterus and cervix. This gender affirming surgery can reduce gender dysphoria and improve the patient's quality of life. Here are several post-op photos.
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Male to female bottom surgery pictures
Gender reassignment surgery before and after
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