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Common Concerns

Common Concerns - Thailand Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Common Concerns About Gender Affirmation or Sex Reassignment Surgery

Gender affirmation or gender confirmation surgeries refer to a variety of procedures that help patients transition to their self-identified gender. These procedures may include facial surgery, top surgery, or bottom surgery.

What is sex reassignment surgery and why is it done?Individualized Care

Sex reassignment surgery refers to a series of procedures that help people transition to their gender identity. These procedures include making changes to a person’s physical body so it matches their self-identified gender. 
People who choose to undergo sex reassignment surgery or gender affirmation surgery suffer from gender dysphoria.

What is gender dysphoria?

Gender dysphoria refers to a sense of unease that a person may experience because of the incongruence of the biological sex, or the sex assigned at birth, to the gender the person identifies with.
Many people with gender dysphoria also have a strong desire to live their “true nature” which means changing the way they look and behave to live a life that matches their gender identity. While gender dysphoria is not considered a mental illness, some people may develop mental health problems because of this.

What is the difference between transgender and non-binary?

The term “transgender” describes people whose gender identity is different than their biological sex. People who identify as “non-binary” are those whose gender identity does not fit within traditional female and male categories.

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