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Before and after photos

Gender reassignment surgery pictures - Thailand Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
Perfectly Satisfactory Sex Reassignment Surgery For Trans People
Gender Reassignment Plastic Surgery - Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

Gender reassignment surgery before and after photos

Male to Female Breast Surgery

Male to Female Breast Correction

Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sigmoid Colon Graft by Laparoscope

The example post op photos of SRS were operated at our hospital by the same technique, the results different due to the variation of the individuals.

Colon Graft by Open Technique

Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS2) Skin Graft

MTF Surgery Correction

Female to Male surgery

Mastectomy (Top Surgery)

U-Shape Scar technique

Before and After Mastectomy (Top Surgery) U-Shape Scare technicque

O-Shape Scar technique


ALT-phalloplasty 1 year after surgery

Radial Forearm technique

Fibula free flap technique


Hysterectomy BSO

Open technique

Endoscrope technique