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Bangkok Butt Lift

Butt Lift Bangkok / Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure - Thailand Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery

Butt Implants, Buttock Augmentation in Bangkok, Thailand

Buttock or gluteal augmentation is a procedure used to improve the volume, shape, and contour of one's behind. One can achieve this through fat grafting (a Brazilian Butt Lift), silicone implants, or both methods combined.

Sagging skin and fat on your butt can reduce the appearance of an attractive form. To restore it, plastic surgeons perform butt lift surgery to help patients have a smoother contour and achieve their desired results.

Butt augmentation procedures and Brazilian butt lift procedures are also used to correct sagging skin due to aging, sun damage, and significant fluctuations within weight.

Butt Lift Surgery ProceduresThere are three ways surgeons can improve this area of the body:  butt implants, fat transfer, and a combination of the two. Generally, butt lifts alone would not add any volume to the buttocks. However, some surgeons combine this medical treatment with an augmentation surgical procedure to effectively alter the shape and size of the butt and give it a more natural look.

Buttock Implants
Butt implants have seen increasing popularity in recent years. Doctors perform this procedure with one goal: to help enhance a patient's buttocks. There are different types of implants used to get a butt lift in Bangkok, with fat graft being the most common. However, other procedures are also getting a boost in popularity, including silicone implants.

Silicone Implants
Silicone is one of the most common types of implants used, such as in breast augmentation. In performing a butt lift using implants, a plastic surgeon would surgically place solid silicone implants into the buttocks via an incision. Generally, this type of cosmetic surgery would have a recovery period of more than three weeks.

Buttock Augmentation / Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure
This procedure uses fat grafting to improve the shape of a patient's buttocks. Buttock Augmentation is also referred to as  the popular “Brazilian Butt Lift.” In Butt Augmentation, the doctor will suction excess fat cells from other areas, such as the abdomen or thighs, then inject it into the butt to increase its volume. In some cases, the fat cells would also be combined with silicone implants to achieve more natural-looking buttocks.

Buttock Lift
A butt lift is a cosmetic surgery that a plastic surgeon performs to improve the appearance of a patient's buttocks. This procedure may be done in conjunction with other medical treatments, including tummy tuck or lower body lift.This cosmetic procedure is designed to lift sagging buttocks by the use of implants, fat transfer, or removing the excess skin and fatty tissue from the buttock area. The incision will be made above the cheeks, hidden in the bikini backline.In addition to fat grafting and Brazilian butt lift, a plastic surgeon would recommend liposuction. This medical process helps remove excess fat in certain areas and help contour the buttocks.
Who's a Good Candidate for Butt Implants / Butt Lift in Bangkok?
While buttock enhancement procedures are on the rise, doctors still look for certain qualities to determine whether the patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure.

In general, ideal candidates are:

  • People with significant soft tissue looseness
  • Individuals who have no medical conditions that may affect their healing or increase their risk of surgery
  • Patients with realistic expectations
  • Non-smokers
  • People who can commit to a healthy lifestyle
  • Patients who have recently lost a significant amount of weight
Who's a Good Candidate for Buttock Augmentation?
  • People who are physically healthy
  • Patients with realistic expectations
  • People who feel their butt is too small
  • Individuals who are unhappy with the shape of their butt
  • Patients who have asymmetrical buttocks
  • Patients who have recently lost a significant amount of weight
Preparation for Brazilian Butt Lift
In preparing for Buttock Augmentation, patients may be asked to:
  • Consult with the surgeon
  • Complete a medical evaluation
  • Get lab tests and chest x-ray
  • Take certain medications or adjust current medications
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least two weeks before and after the surgery
  • Avoid taking Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or herbal supplements to prevent increased bleeding
Questions to Ask a Doctor / Surgeon Before The Procedure
Dedicated plastic surgeons will take care to answer every question that a patient may pose before and after performing any procedures. It is often advised for a patient to list the questions on a paper in advance of a consultation.

Some key questions to ask a surgeon before any plastic surgery include:

  • Are you a board-certified plastic surgeon?
  • How many years of experience do you have in cosmetic surgery?
  • Do you have specific experiences with related procedures, such as buttock enhancement or butt implant surgery?
  • Are the results I am seeking realistic?
  • What are the limitations of this surgery?
  • Will there be visible scarring?
  • Would I need pain medication during my recovery period?
  • What type of butt implants would be most appropriate to achieve my desired facial features?
  • What is the treatment plan?
  • Are there any concerns that I should be aware of?
  • How much does butt augmentation surgery cost?
  • When would I be able to resume my normal activities?
  • Will I be placed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia?
  • Is butt lift done on an outpatient basis?
Procedure for Buttock Augmentation
The surgeon will choose between the use of implants, fat transfer, or a combination of the two to help the patient achieve the desired buttock shape. The decision will depend on the butt size and shape, amount of fat available for use, and skin quality. 
  • The surgeon will place the patient under general anesthesia.
  • An incision will be made where the implant or the fat tissue will be placed.
  • The surgeon will close the incisions with sutures. 
Generally, the procedure takes around two hours to complete.
Post-operative care
After the Buttock Augmentation procedure, the doctor may place small, thin tubes under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid. 

The patient will have to wear a compression garment following the surgery. This garment helps support the new contour, reduce swelling, and speed up recovery time. It is highly recommended to avoid sitting for long periods of time, for about two weeks to avoid damaging the fat and the placement of the implants.

When sleeping, patients may be asked to lie on the stomach for at least 2 weeks. This promotes wound healing, as well as prevents rupture and wound separation.

During the recovery period, patients are advised against resuming their normal activities or engaging in strenuous exercise for up to three weeks. This prevents patients from applying too much pressure to the surgical site, which may cause complications.

Most patients will also be given specific instructions by their surgeon, such as:
Butt Lift: Risk and Complications
A butt lift has fewer risks compared to other surgeries. However, it still carries the risk of side, some of which could be severe. The risks include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Accumulation of fluid
  • Poor wound healing
  • Numbness or changes in skin sensation
  • Skin discoloration
  • Visible scarring
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Fat necrosis
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Asymmetry
Patients who experience severe pain, difficulty breathing, or excessive bleeding are advised to seek medical care immediately.
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