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Chin Augmentation / Chin Implant

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Chin Implant Surgery / Chin Augmentation in Bangkok, Thailand

Chin Augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure that helps reshape or enhance a patient’s chin. During Chin Enhancement procedure, a surgeon may insert an implant or move an individual’s bones to achieve the desired shape.
There are several types of Chin Implant materials available. TransgenderThailand’s partner hospitals offer four types, including silicone, Gore-Tex, Med pore, and PMMA Customized implant.

Who is a good candidate for Chin Augmentation?

In general, a person is a good candidate for Chin Enhancement surgery if:
  • They want to improve their overall look
  • They want to correct a weak chin
  • They want to make their jawline and neck more prominent
  • They want to reduce the appearance of a double chin

How to prepare for Chin Implant surgery?

In preparation for Chin Augmentation, a patient may be asked to:
  • Have x-rays taken of the face and chin
  • Complete physical examinations and lab tests
  • Get a chest x-ray, blood test, and EKG (for patients over the age of 40)
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least two weeks before and after the surgery
  • Stop taking Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements to avoid increased bleeding

Procedure for Chin Implant surgery

Chin Implant is one of the most popular Chin Enhancement procedures. This simple surgery typically takes around 45 minutes to complete. 

To perform this surgery, general anesthesia is required. The surgeon will then make incisions inside the mouth or underneath the chin. The Chin Implant will then be put in place and set using screws to prevent it from moving. The patient may be asked to stay one night in the hospital for observation. 

Chin forward sliding

This procedure is performed on patients with extremely short chins, which can be fixed by extending the jaw forward. This procedure takes approximately two hours to complete under general anesthesia. The patient may be required to stay at least one night in the hospital for observation. 

Post-operative care

  • Only consume liquid food for the first 24 hours following the surgery
  • Switch to a soft food diet for one week
  • Regularly use mouthwash
  • Elevate the head to reduce swelling
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Wear facial compression garment to decrease swelling and reduce recovery time
  • Avoid strenuous exercise

Risks and complications

In general, Chin Augmentation surgery is a safe and straightforward procedure. While complications are rare, possible risks may still occur in some patients. The risks include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Numbness or changes in sensation
  • Lingering pain
  • Bone loss
  • Asymmetry
  • Scarring
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