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How To Create A Feminine Eyebrow Shape

Megan P.

Our eyes are frequently the most notable features of our faces. It draws attention and captivates the beholder with its enchanting essence, size and shape. Our eyebrows and bone structure contribute significantly to how feminine we come across to others and ourselves. There are numerous ways to effeminate eyebrows that will compliment all the beautiful features of the natural shape of your face.

Your eyebrow hairs are capable of so much in the right hands, so be bold and experiment. Try thin eyebrows, create a gentle arch, color them, pluck them. Do whatever you need to do to transform your eyebrows to end up with your desired shape.

Every woman has a unique brow shape and face shape, so remember, what works for one person may not work for you. Nevertheless, a well-groomed brow line goes a long way to feminize your overall appearance completely.

Identifying the right way to shape your eyebrows will lead to the evident difference between masculine eyebrows and well-kept, effeminate eyebrows. In addition, your eyebrow hairs and shape can lift your whole face and create a perfectly polished finish to your already enticing face shape.

You can transform your brows into an elegantly feminine feature by following the lines and the natural shape of your eyebrows and bone structure.

Feminine Eyebrow

9 Steps To Creating A Feminine Eyebrow Shape

Step 1: Determine The Natural Shape Of Your Eyebrows

To shape perfect eyebrows, you first need to know their natural shape, including their start point, middle, arch, and how far they extend past your eyes.

To ensure both eyebrows have the same start point in relation to your eyes, place a brow pencil against the middle of your nostril and align it straight upward to your brow. Next, make a small line where the pencil meets the brow. This line indicates where your eyebrow should start.

To determine where the outer edge of your eyebrows should be situated, place your eyebrow pencil against your nostril and point it to the outside corner of your eye. Again, make a small line indicating how far your eyebrows should extend outward.

Repeat this practice with both eyebrows.

Step 2:

Position yourself in front of a mirror and grab a spoolie brush. Turn the brush to be parallel to the horizontal contour of your eyebrows, and brush the eyebrow hairs straight up toward your forehead. Next, place the brush at the inside corner of your eyebrow and move it outward to the side to smoothen the hairs into a more natural position. Repeat this procedure with both eyebrows.

Feminine Eyebrow

Step 3:

Grab either a brow or eyeliner pencil and position it parallel to your nose straight down. Confirm the same start point that you found earlier, and now draw a dark and definite line where the pencil meets your eyebrow. Repeat this process with the other eyebrow.

Step 4:

Place a pair of tweezers between the forefinger and thumb of your more dominant hand. Pluck out any stray hairs that fall within the middle of your eyebrows. The long hairs may hurt when you first pluck them but don’t fret. After a while, you will barely notice the sting. Focus on grasping the hair at the bottom and pull directly outward. Repeat the plucking until your brows are neatly separated in the middle.

Feminine Eyebrow

Step 5:

Place your eyeliner pencil against your nostril, point toward the outer edge of your brows, and confirm the site where the hairs should end that you identified earlier. Next, draw a clear line on the outer edge and pluck any hairs that fall outside your established hair line.

Step 6:

By now, you will be able to see a basic pattern and direction your eyebrow hair follows. Using your best judgment, start plucking out the hairs that grow above the top line. Use a magnifying mirror to ensure you see the little lighter hairs as well. Be cautious of plucking out too much at the top and focus on not moving below the line you wish to maintain.

Repeat the same process with the bottom edge of your eyebrows. The key to making your eyebrows more feminine is to give them a clean and defined outline. Be sure to pluck all the hairs growing on your eye bank that interfere with the tidiness of your eyebrows.

Step 7:

Depending on the shape of your whole face, locate the arch of your brows, which will normally reside where a straight line from the side of your nostril passes your iris. Make a small line at the high point of the arch. Establish the top edge of your arch marking on both eyebrows.

Step 8:

Use a makeup wipe or warm water with your face wash of choice to remove the eyeliner or brow pencil markings. If necessary, comb the eyebrow hairs straight up again and trim the long hairs with brow scissors if they seem out of place. The purpose of this step is simply to trim each eyebrow to give a neat and well-groomed appearance. We recommend plucking the thicker hairs if they refuse to fall in line.

Feminine Eyebrow

Step 9:

It is entirely up to you to decide which eyebrow makeup you want to use to make your eyebrows darker and more defined. A simple eyebrow pencil is the most straightforward appliance for beginners. Place the pencil on the top and inner edge starting where you previously marked, angling slightly toward the arch, and from the arch down to the outside corner of the brow. Your goal is to draw a subtle and feminine curve to emphasize the eye area in the best way.

Next, place your eyebrow pencil on the bottom edge of your inner eyebrow. Draw a light line nearly parallel to the top line up until the arch. From there, follow the eyebrow hair, narrowing the line toward the outer stopping point.

Whether you are using eyebrow gel or a brow pencil, it is always wise to give the outer parts of the brow a darker tone while not overly darkening the centers. Use your spoolie brush to blend the color to create a natural and smooth ombre.

To make your eyebrows more delineate, use a white eyeliner to accentuate the bottom of the brow line.

To summarize

Making your eyebrows more feminine is no easy feat, especially when the world of cosmetics is new to you. However, rest assured that you will become an esteemed brow expert within a few months of frequently repeating the steps above.

What You Need To Get Started

  • Spoolie brush
  • Eyeliner pencil
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Tweezers
  • Brow scissors
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • White eyeliner pencil
  • Makeup wipes
Feminine Eyebrow

Salon Options

You may not be the type of person who wants to invest so much of your time on your brows. Luckily, modern cosmetics has seen to it that you don’t have to. Instead, you can simply visit a salon and let them do the work for you.

Below are some viable hair removal options available at salons:

If possible, ask your beautician if they could use a cream-based wax. Waxing feels like a bit of a shock when they first begin, but the most important thing is to protect the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes.


This technique includes using a double thread to pull the hairs out at the root. Although this is not a permanent hair removal solution, it could last up to four weeks before another session is necessary.


Despite many medical professionals advising against it, laser hair removal can be beneficial to, particularly those struggling with that bothersome unibrow. This technique requires many repeated sessions and removes the hair for a very long time.

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