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Phalloplasty (FTM) Bottom Surgery

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Phalloplasty or Female to Male Bottom Surgery (FTM-Bottom Surgery)

Among the many surgeries in the pantheon of the female to male transition, one of the most important ones is the surgery to change the female genitalia to those of a male. This is probably the most poignant surgery for transitioning transmen because it brings them closer to the body they feel they should have been born in. 

Through the female to male bottom surgeries and procedures, transmen can do the different things that males can do like pee standing up and even have erections. If this surgery is done in tandem with a full hysterectomy, then periods and menstruation will also cease. 

There are two different methods to create a new penis for patients. The first method or metoidioplasty uses the clitoris to create the penis. Or the surgeon can graft skin from other parts of a patient’s body and create a penis using this skin flap. For this procedure a patient must have been on male hormonal therapy for a minimum of one year. The removal of the vagina and hysterectomy may also be done simultaneously.

What is a phalloplasty procedure?

The phalloplasty surgery is the creation of a new penis surgically using skin taken from other parts of the body. The surgeon may take skin flaps and tissue from various sites or donor areas on the body including thighs, arms, or abdomen. 

The surgeon then uses these skin flaps to surgically create a penis and a urethra.

Who is a good phalloplasty candidate?

The requirements for this type of procedure are not extensive. Things to consider include:
  • Patients must have been on male hormones for over a year.
  • Patients must be in good health.
  • Patients must have a good understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations.
  • Patients must be committed to post-surgery after and ongoing care to ensure best results.

Phalloplasty benefits

When considering which bottom procedure to choose, patients should think of the different advantages of each. The advantages of phalloplasty include:
  • Patients of phalloplasty are more likely to be able to penetrate their partners sexually after the procedure and recovery.
  • Phallus created is significantly bigger than the neopenis created through a metoidioplasty procedure. However, the sensation is lower.
  • Among patients surveyed, many say phalloplasty creates a more realistic looking penis and genitalia.
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