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How To Get A Feminine Handwriting

Megan P.

Ever wondered why male and female handwriting is so remarkably different? It turns out that different handwriting styles are connected to sex differences. So innately, your writing style is determined by a combination of biology and personality traits, but it is relatively established by the time you reach elementary school.

Whether you have neat or horrible handwriting isn’t commonly a significant issue for most people, but trans women may deem it essential as it can only improve their gender affirmation. Because male handwriting is immensely distinct from female handwriting, we provide women with this guide to achieve neat and feminine handwriting.

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Understanding Handwriting Styles

Firstly, it is important to understand why men and women have different handwriting styles. There are countless possible handwriting options determined by various factors, including gender differences, prenatal hormones’ role in neurological development, and whether you are right or left-handed.

Consequently, each individual will yield a unique personal handwriting sample when asked to do so.

Furthermore, there is an undeniable difference between the handwriting of males and females. Of course, most of this statement is based on speculation, but research on the matter concluded that there is indeed conclusive evidence to suggest a correlation between gender and penmanship.

Some general assumptions are commonly made, for example, that women’s handwriting is neater because females tend to write slower and pay more attention to detail than males. One study even concluded that the extent o feminine handwriting could be predicted by analyzing prenatal hormones.

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Feminine Handwriting

Analyze Your Handwriting As It Is

As neat handwriting is generally one of the characteristics associated with women, you can already benefit greatly from simply writing neater. The first step to achieving better handwriting is by analyzing your writing style as it currently is.

Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and write one sentence containing words with a wide variety of vowels and consonants. Let’s use the following example, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Now evaluate your handwriting. Note how big and high you write your letters and the width of spaces between words. Do you use cursive or block script? Is your writing consistent, or do you tend to vary between styles of each letter? Is your handwriting upright, or are the letters slanted?

After careful analysis, circle the letters that least satisfy your desired handwriting. If you want to have neater handwriting, note the letters that seem inconsistent or abrupt.

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Improve Your Handwriting

Find a calm and comfortable area where you can practice. You will need a flat, sturdy surface, a pen and paper, and a comfortable chair. Be sure to sit nice and upright, keeping your posture stable.

Stretch out and flex your hands and arms before you start practicing every day to loosen and relax all the muscles involved in writing.

Hold your pen between your index finger, thumb, and your middle finger, and have it rest on your first knuckle.

It may seem strange, but try to move your arm instead of your hand when you write. It may start off looking like terrible handwriting, but it will become neater the more you do it. Moving your arm will help you write beautifully by improving the flow and harmony of your maneuver.

When you first start practicing, write the letters big on the page, focusing on perfecting this different style you want to achieve. Whether it’s cursive or print script, practice the same letter repeatedly until the differences become less, and you can write with consistency.

Start slowly. Women tend to write slower than males in general, so taking your time with each word will help you polish neater handwriting. Your speeds will improve as your brain get accustomed to a more feminine style.

Explore the examples below to comprehend what this step entails.

Feminine Handwriting

Start your day’s penmanship practice with lines rather than letters. Draw straight and slanted lines over and over, getting the space differences as similar as possible. You can even try to draw circles and other shapes until they become uniform. Move on to writing letters after you feel confident in your form.

Detail is key. When you start to lessen male handwriting characteristics, you should pay attention to even the minor things, such as the angle at which you draw crossbars on your t’s.

Feminine Handwriting

Tips For Getting A More Feminine Handwriting

The best way to feminize male handwriting is by obtaining a collection of examples of handwriting that you classify as the female gender’s handwriting. You can start by tracing the letters over the example and slowly get more comfortable with the patterns you should follow. Then, try copying the handwriting from sight once you feel ready to move on. As you explore different female handwriting examples, try to identify which elements make it typically female.

Alleviate the pressure you exert onto the paper. This is a main distinguishing factor between female and male handwriting. Females tend to press the pen into the paper much more delicately than males. Focus on lightening your pressure without giving your hand all kinds of cramps.

Even when females write in print script, their letters tend to look more cursive simply because they slant their lines. Introducing more curves to your letters will add some femininity to your handwriting.

For example, many males write their t’s as straight lines, whereas women would typically add a curve at the bottom.

Small flourishes can aid in making your writing curvier. You can train your brain to insert a slight flourish before moving into your w’s and add it after your k’s as well.

To add to the cursive quality of your handwriting, try slanting your letters to one side, preferably the right-hand side. Regardless of the direction of your slant, keep it consistent throughout your text. When all the lines are slanted equally, it will contribute to neater, better handwriting overall.

Feminine Handwriting

Why do Females And Males Have Different Handwriting Styles?

If you ask any random person which gender has the best or more readable handwriting, the typical answer would be that females have more comprehensible handwriting.

Research based on numerous studies suggests that girls tend to have better handwriting than most males both in terms of the formation of letters and overall tidiness. A study performed in 2003[1] concluded that untidy and hasty-looking handwriting was extremely prevalent among male gender roles, whereas neat handwriting scored high for Feminine Gender Roles, regardless of the writers’ biological sex differences.

This is a good point to note as it dictates that your handwriting can be perceived as female if that is the gender you truly identify with.

Why Are Girls’ Handwritings Neater?

There are numerous reasons why females generally have neater handwriting.

Firstly, differences in handwriting are partly due to cultural stereotypes. In 1991 an experiment [2] was conducted that required seven and eight-year-old girls and boys to imitate the handwriting of the opposite gender. The boys expectedly tried making their handwriting neater and smaller. In contrast, the girls made their handwriting larger. Most of the girls agreed that they had to alter their handwriting to be scruffy and untidy.

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Feminine Handwriting

This experiment proves that children recognize the distinctions of handwriting between genders from a very early age. An interesting question is whether females innately write neater or are self-reinforced to do so because of social expectations. The same theory applies to male handwriting. Do males truly deem the tidiness of their handwriting as unimportant, or are they compelled to care less because that is what is expected of them?

Secondly, prenatal hormones may have an effect on handwriting. Prenatal male fetuses receive large amounts of testosterone in the womb, while females receive estrogen in larger quantities. One of the markers of prenatal development is the length ratio of one’s index finger to ring finger. With females, that ratio typically dictates that the index finger is longer than the ring finger. The opposite is true for males.

Evidence suggests that the higher this ratio in right-handed women is, the neater their handwriting will be. If we take this even deeper, one could argue that a higher ratio is indicative of a highly nurturing personality, which would lead to the woman having less forceful handwriting. Another way to think about it is that higher estrogen levels influence a woman’s fine motor skills and, thereby, the way she writes.

Lastly, distinct neurodevelopment may account for the differences in handwriting between males and females. An article originally posted in the Parenting Magazine states that children who are learning penmanship in school improve at different rates based on their gender. The article goes on to clarify that the nerve fibers responsible for controlled fine motor skills mature slower in boys than in girls.

This would explain why girls are typically faster to master penmanship than boys in their early years. However, boys’ handwriting does improve with time and practice, but it rarely meets the standard of neatness that girls achieve when they’re much younger. Girls have more connections between the nerve cells in the two hemispheres of the brain, which causes them to be more attentive to precision and detail.

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