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Japanese Tucking Method

Megan P.

For trans women, non-binary, folks, and drag queens, your genitals may be a source of discontent. Tucking will go a long way in affirming your gender identity, and may you feel comfortable in your body. If you are a gender-diverse individual, tucking could make for a great option.

It is worth saying that there will always be health risks involved. That is why it is essential to handle your body parts with caution and gentleness. Some of the key guidelines to tuck without causing pain or other complications include using medical take instead of duck tape to minimize infection and skin irritation. Furthermore, if you are prone to skin irritation, you may want to consider alternative means such as shapewear or special, tight underwear.

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What Exactly Is Tucking?

The tucking process involves measures you can take to hide your testicles and penis. There are various ways to achieve the flattest appearance, such as pulling your scrotum and penis between your buttocks or shifting the testes into the inguinal canals, which are the cavities where the testes reside before birth.

The tucking method intends to aid people who may identify as:

  • Agender
  • Trans femme
  • Trans women
  • Gender non-conforming
  • Non-binary

Many women choose to tuck to achieve a smooth and feminine appearance for drag, cosplay, or aesthetic reasons by hiding the prominence of their external genitals.

What Do You Need To Tuck?

The first step of tucking is gathering all the supplies you will need. The essential provisions include:

  • Medical tape (This is preferable over duct tape to avoid skin irritation)
  • A good pair of tight underwear or snug panties.
  • A gaff to provide a second layer that will create the flattest appearance.

What Is A Gaff?

A gaff is a piece of fabric used to flatten the front portion of the lower body. You can find gaffs on various online shops that sell products specially made for the LGBTQIA community.

Gaffs are frequently made from pantyhose, which you can find at most grocery and clothing stores. Using pantyhose will enable you to customize your gaff for your individual needs.

Many trans women additionally use a panty liner before putting on their tight underwear. Pantyliners are easily accessible at most stores and pharmacies in the feminine hygiene section.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Tucking

There are various methods of taping that you will do well considering. You could experiment and identify which method suits your needs best. Every trans woman is unique, and so are their external genitals. Therefore, each method will cater to different needs, and it’s up to you to decide how you wish to tuck, depending on your goals.

Tucking With Tape

Step one:

If you plan to use tape, you will save yourself a lot of pain by shaving off your pubic hair. Grab a razor and some shaving cream or gel, and let’s get started.

Cover your scrotum in shaving cream and pull the skin tight. Move the razor gently with the grain and rinse the hair off the razor after every two strokes. Afterward, rub some baby oil or any gentle moisturizer on the area.

Be sure to shave a few days prior to tucking. DO NOT apply tape to skin that has just been shaved. If you have stubborn and persistent pubic hair, trim it with an electric tool before attempting to shave.

Step two:

Sliding your testes in between your legs is the easiest method. Carefully pull both your testes and scrotum between your legs toward your butt crack. If you can, try placing them between or underneath your butt to hide them best. Later on, you will ensure a secure tuck by placing your penis between your legs and keeping everything in place with medical tape or your tight underwear of choice.

Although pulling your external genitals between your legs makes the tucking process easier, it does not give you the absolute smoothest appearance. That is why many transgender women prefer tucking the testes in the pelvic floor.

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Step Three:

In order to hide the testes more efficiently, you can lift the testicles in the inguinal canals. In your inguinal canal, there are sockets where your testes can be placed.

Lie flat on your back, and use two or three fingers to gently shift your testes upward until they rest in each socket. Be careful not to use too hard pressure and stop tucking the moment you experience pain.

Testes innately shrink and pull toward the inguinal canals when they are exposed to cold temperatures. Therefore, taking a cold shower before tucking could make the process easier. Tucking your testes into each inguinal canal makes you vulnerable to certain health risks such as fertility issues. This is because prolonged tucking increases the temperature of your testes, which hinders healthy sperm production.

It is not necessary to use tape to tuck in this way; it’s entirely up to you.

Step Four:

Use gauze or a piece of toilet paper to cover the tip of your penis before tucking it while holding the testes where you tucked them earlier. Ensure that you cover the urethra opening efficiently with gauze or toilet paper.

When tucking your penis back between your legs toward the anus may lead to infections and urinary trauma. You block the immediate access of germs into your urethra by covering the tip of your penis. You can also consider applying antifungal powder to your penis to prevent odor and infections.

Step Five:

Next, pull your penis and scrotum between your legs with care. Holding the testes in place, use your other hand to tug your penis down and backward between your buttocks. Tug it slightly to reach as far back as possible without hurting yourself. Immediately the process if you experience pain, numbness, or any extent of throbbing.

Check for any discoloration that may have occurred due to a lack of circulation. If you feel any pain, chances are there will be some circulation issues. If this is the case, something went wrong. Slowly untuck your penis and testes and re-do your tuck.

Step Six:

Use two to three layers of medical tape (not duct tape) to cover your tucked genitals. Holding everything in place, apply a few strips of medical tape over the shaft of your penis and the pelvic floor.

It is very important not to use Gorilla glue, scotch, duct, or sports tape. Although Gorilla glue may seem like a safe and easy option, it is very damaging to intimate skin. Medical tape is the only tape that will ensure you don’t damage your skin. Dry the area thoroughly before applying tape so it will adhere effectively.

Japanese Tucking Method

Step Seven:

Gently wrap the tape around your hips or, alternatively, up to your lower spine. Keeping your genitals tucked, cover them with medical tape. Start taping on the left side of the pelvic floor, moving over the area that’s already covered with tape. Run it under and through to your left butt cheek and onto your left hip. Next, pass more tape or the right buttock and your right hip.

If you will be wearing an outfit that exposes your hips, place the tape on your pelvic floor and run it to your tailbone. After this whole ordeal, put on your gaff, tight underwear, or panties.

Step eight:

When it’s time to untuck, soak the entire area in warm water and carefully peel the tape off. You can soak the area by either taking a hot shower or bath or using a warm, wet washcloth. Once the tape is adequately soaked, carefully pull it off, being mindful of not hurting the skin.

After all the tape is off your skin, reposition your genitals to their natural position. Wash the whole area thoroughly to eliminate all the germs and odor that may have gathered underneath the tape. You may have to use your fingers to guide the testicles out of the inguinal canals.

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Exercise Caution

Tucking could potentially lead to a variety of health complications that can persist throughout your entire life, especially if you’re doing it for long periods. Trans people need to be informed about matters that cis men never encounter, but it is very important to do your research and preferably consult a doctor about whether or not tucking is a safe option for you.

If there isn’t a local transgender resource center in your immediate area, there are countless

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